The matte finish of printed items considerably improves their aesthetic properties and also minimises the visibility of layers on the side surfaces of printed items.

  • interior design
  • educational projects
  • architectural models

PET-G Premium

Major advantage provided by Spectrum PET-G Premium are the virtually zero shrinkage rate and low absorption of moisture as compared to other thermoplastics used for FDM/FFF 3D printing.

  • visual and functional prototyping
  • fit testing
  • concept models

PET-G Carbon

Spectrum PET-G Carbon is a modified, PET-G-based filament blended with carbon fibres which contributes to a considerably higher rigidity, hardness and tensile resistance, while retaining low shrinkage and very good adhesion to build platforms typical for the pure PET-G.

  • items which need to be very rigid and hard while maintaining dimensional accuracy
  • manufacturing of spacer components subject to static compressive loads

PET-G Glow in the Dark

Spectrum PET-G Glow in the Dark is a PET-G-based filament blended with a concentrated phosphorescent pigment which causes the phosphorescence effect.

  • production of items with major ornamental and artistic effects
  • production of items to help identify emergency exits for power outages

PET-G Glitter

Spectrum PET-G Glitter is a material doped with high gloss flitter particles based on Premium PET-G.

  • interior design articles
  • advertising materials
  • educational projects


Parts made of Spectrum PET-G FX120 filament exhibit high chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and can be steam sterilized.

  • production of items to be used as energy adsorbents
  • manufacturing of seals with a high chemical resistance
  • tooling


Spectrum PET-G FR V0 is a new halogen-free, flame-resistant 3D printing material based on the ever-popular PET-G.

  • all applications where fire resistance is important
  • coatings or shielding to protect electrical circuits with fire risk
  • conceptual models


PET-G HT100 does not contain styrene and is chemical resistant. Excellent dimension stability allows printing with accurate dimensions, which is particularly important for projects consisting of many different elements.

  • visual and functional prototyping
  • tooling
  • end-use parts
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