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  1. Spectrum Group Sp. z o.o. is a company focused on the production of materials for 3D printing ("filaments") used in FDM/FFF 3D printers.

    We are open to new ideas and ready to meet customer expectations, offering a very wide portfolio of 3D printing filaments and production capabilities of one of the largest filament manufacturers in Europe.

  2. The company was founded in 2015 when Spectrum Filaments debuted with a line of popular PLA and ABS materials offered in unique pastel and saturated colors that stood out from the competition.

    The first breakthrough products on a European scale were Stone Age filaments, characterized by a unique stone-like appearance and texture that perfectly masked layers of 3D printed models.. Since then, we have gradually expanded our product range, introducing many innovative technical (including high- performance and high-temperature) and aesthetical filaments.

  3. Our portfolio consist of over 50 filaments for 3D printing differentiated in terms of aesthetic values, strength parameters, and potential applications. The wide range guarantees the selection of the appropriate material for almost any application.

  4. Filaments produced by Spectrum are advanced materials with a versatile range of properties and applications, from high performance to unique aesthetic solutions. Carefully selected raw materials and production experience allow each user to discover the full potential of 3D printing and bring even the most multidimensional project to the real world.

    Our production lines are characterized by very high efficiency, which is combined with the high quality of the final products. Filaments quality is monitored at every stage of the production process, and each filament spool has an individual quality report generated by our proprietary Verify Your Spool system.

The success of our company is based on three values that form the foundations of our philosophy and daily activities.
  1. No one is bigger than the Customer

    Every customer is equally important to us, regardless of size or nature. If you are looking for a filament for very special or demanding application, we will select the best possible solution from our existing portfolio or create something tailored just for you. This applies to both the color and the physical- chemical properties of the filament. We produce filaments under our own brand (Spectrum Filaments), and offer contract manufacturing (white label), but also fulfill individual special orders.

  2. Quality over Quantity

    Speed and efficiency make sense only when the highest possible product quality is guaranteed. That is why we place considerable emphasis on continuous technological development of our production - from the production lines themselves, through equipment and quality control, to software for managing and monitoring production processes. Quality comes first - in our case, it is not a duplicated slogan, but processes and high-performance production machines that guarantee it.

  3. Innovation drives growth. Always!

    Our company owes its initial success to products that stood out in the market for their quality and innovative approach to their properties or appearance. Over the years, our product portfolio has gradually expanded to include technical materials, such as those with high temperature or mechanical & chemical resistance. Our company is constantly working on creating new blends, but we always start our journey from an application standpoint. We do not create new filaments just because no one has created them before - we produce materials that will make printed products better and more efficient to use.

Each spool bearing the Spectrum Filaments logo leaving our production lines has an individual quality report generated by our proprietary system.

During production, our filament is constantly measured in two axes with an accuracy of ±0.8μm. To ensure that the measurement result is reliable, we use certified laser gauges designed by a reputable Swiss company.

The information collected by the system includes:

  • diameter variation throughout the whole length of the filament
  • average diameter
  • ovality and standard deviation for each meter of manufactured filament

The data is archived and cataloged in our system. Each manufactured filament spool receives its own identifier, and our system returns a complete set of information online. End-customer can check complete information over the spool by scanning the QR code or by entering the individual spool ID number on the Verify Your Spool page.

Sustainable development

We put great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Our product offerings are gradually being expanded to include environmentally friendly products - we create materials based on recyclables and biodegradable bio-based materials, which are wound onto eco-friendly cardboard spools.

A wide range of products

Wide portfolio consisting of over 50 filaments with a versatile range of properties and applications, divided into three segments: desktop easy-to-use, industrial grade and high performance.

High quality

Innovation, extrusion know-how and highest quality filaments are the pillars of Spectrum philosophy. Our team is working continously on the development of new materials and their applications.

European made

All filaments from our portfolio are in-house made. We use modern production lines equipped with non-standard solutions to obtain highest quality final product.

Professional technical support

Our qualified support team helps at every stage from material selection to the 3D printing process.

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