Spectrum PLA Pro is a material based on modified PLA dedicated to the manufacturing of filaments for 3D printing.

  • functional prototyping
  • tooling
  • parts that require high impact strength


The filament is created by reusing the recycled extrusion residual waste stream.

  • educational projects
  • prototyping
  • visualisation of finished and semi-finished products

PLA Premium

An unquestionable advantage of Spectrum PLA Premium is a very low processing shrinkage. Thus, it is particularly useful for large-size 3D printers without a closed build-in chamber.

  • household tools
  • educational projects
  • industrial design

PLA Glitter

Spectrum PLA Glitter to materiał na bazie PLA domieszkowany drobinkami o wysokim połysku.

  • interior design articles
  • advertising materials
  • educational projects

PLA Matt

Spectrum PLA MATT is a PLA-based material with a chemical composition modified so that it would be possible to obtain matte surfaces of printed object.

  • interior design
  • educational projects
  • architectural models


PLA Glow in the Dark

Spectrum PLA Glow in the Dark is a PLA-based filament blended with a concentrated phosphorescent pigment which causes the phosphorescence effect.

  • production of items with major ornamental and artistic effects
  • production of items to help identify emergency exits for power outages

Silk PLA

SILK Filament is a PLA-based material for additive manufacturing with colour concentrates which imparts the satin texture effect to printed items.

  • decorative art
  • interior design
  • educational projects

PLA Carbon

PLA Carbon is a modified, PLA-based filament blended with carbon fibers which contributes to a considerably higher rigidity, hardness and tensile resistance, while retaining low shrinkage and very good adhesion to build platforms typical for the pure PLA.

  • improved hardness and rigidity as compared to the pure PLA
  • high aesthetic, matte surface quality
  • no shrinkage after cooling

PLA Tough

Tough like ABS, easy to print like PLA

  • functional prototyping
  • functional tools
  • end-use parts

PLA Thermoactive

Spectrum PLA Thermoactive is a filament based on pure PLA blended with a thermochromic pigment. Due to this extremely original addition, additive manufactured items change their colour according to the temperature.

  • educational projects
  • temperature sensors
  • coating for hot beverage mugs

PLA Stone Age™

Spectrum PLA Stone Age filament is a series of PLA-based material with admixtures to obtain an imitation of “stony” structure of printed items.

  • decorative art
  • architecture
  • mock-ups


Spectrum WOOD is a material designed for 3D printing based on pure PLA blended with natural wood particles.

  • interior design
  • advertising materials
  • decorative art
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