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Spectrum Group Sp. z o.o. is a company focused on 3D printing technology, open to new ideas and ready to follow customer expectations, at the same time offering the production capabilities of one of the largest filament manufacturers in Poland.

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Outstanding printing performance, reliability, vivid colors and a variety of effects. Unleash your creativity with all-around PLA filaments.

16 products


Discover our innovative bio-performance range with a unique blends for increased properties – the top choice for designers, engineers and makers.

2 products


Revolutionize your 3D printing with eco-friendly recycled filaments and achieve excellent results while caring for the planet. Go green with every 3D print.

2 products


Elevate your printing with comprehensive PETG range. Strength & flexibility. Best choice for projects that require reliability and precision.

10 products


PCTG is a rapidly growing trend in the 3D printing world due to its exceptional properties and versatility. Try out the ultimate alternative.

3 products


Excellent weather, UV & temperature resistance. Discover unique ASA filaments in our specialized range, featuring very unique formulations.

4 products


The go-to choice for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals seeking exceptional strength and versatility to create durable, high-quality prints.

5 products


Its lightweight, high-impact resistance and dimensional stability make it a great choice for prototyping and model-building projects.

1 product


We raise the bar for polyamide filaments making 3D printing easier than ever before. Discover the magic of our "Low Warp" series.

8 products


Ideal choice for makers, designers & hobbyists looking to push the limits of what's possible with 3D printing. Flex your creativity with our flexible filament!

4 products


Infinite 3D printing possibilities in various colors and materials, delivered on eco-friendly spools. Always 5 different filaments, 0.25kg each.

11 products


Regardless of the complexity of your project, technical PA filaments will open up new perspectives in the world of 3D printing. The perfect choice for industrial applications.

8 products


Designed for strength, durability, exceptional thermal and chemical resistance. Ideal choice for creating high-quality, reliable parts and prototypes.

2 products


Experience unmatched durability and reliability, backed by our industry-leading quality control system and extensive functional testing.

4 products


Your projects crafted with resilient ASA filaments will withstand the test of time, ensuring unwavering reliability and exceptional durability even in the harshest weather conditions.

2 products


Reliable choice for 3D printing applications that require exceptional chemical resistance, low density and good mechanical properties.

1 product


Perfect choice for special tasks requiring high performance and exceptional chemical resistance. The ultimate solution for your 3D printing needs.

1 product


Try out technical PC/PTFE filaments to achieve excellent results in challenging conditions and ensure functionality you can rely on.

1 product


Filament containing high purity alumina powder (99.7%). The organics content of the filament amounts to ca. 19.5 mass-%.

1 product

Silicon Carbide

Filament containing high purity silicon carbide powder. The organics content of the filament amounts to ca. 14.0 mass-%.

1 product

Silicon Nitride

Filament contains high purity ceramic powder. The organics content of the filament amounts to ca. 20.6 mass-%.

1 product


Filament containing high purity zirconium powder. The organics content of the filament amounts to ca. 14.0 mass-%.

1 product
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Check the course of diameter on the entire length of the spool, ovality, mean diameter and standard deviation for each manufactured spool individually.

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A wide range of products

Wide portfolio consisting of over 50 filaments with a versatile range of properties and applications, divided into three segments: desktop easy-to-use, industrial grade and high performance.

High quality

Innovation, extrusion know-how and highest quality filaments are the pillars of Spectrum philosophy. Our team is working continously on the development of new materials and their applications.

European made

All filaments from our portfolio are in-house made. We use modern production lines equipped with non-standard solutions to obtain highest quality final product.

Professional technical support

Our qualified support team helps at every stage from material selection to the 3D printing process.

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