ASA 275™

UV and thermal resistance

 Filament Spectrum ASA 275 is a professional material, designed for desktop 3D printers.  The composition of Spectrum ASA 275 has been specially modified to make the material more flexible, improve flow parameters, reduce shrinkage, and increase adhesion between layers.

One of the main advantages of the modification of ASA 275 material is simplification of printing parameters. Spectrum ASA 275 technical material can be printed with nearly the same ease as Premium PLA. This allows the production of large models without the risk of deformation after cooling, but also obtaining relatively high printing speeds.

ASA 275 is a material resistant to UV radiation and other weather conditions. ASA 275 can be used for printing prototypes, functional production tools, but also elements that must withstand changing weather conditions, and even everyday use items.

Available diameters:
  • 1.75mm
  • 2.85mm
Available weights:
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g
  • 2000g

Technical data

Available diameter:
1.75 [mm]
Available weight:
1000 [g]
Diameter tolerance:
+/- 0.05 [mm]
1.08 [g/cm3]
Thermal resistance:
up to 94 [°C]
Verify your spool:
YES (course of diameter – online graph - on the entire length of the spool, mean diameter, ovality, standard deviation individually for each manufactured spool)

How to use

Nozzle temperature:
Bed temperature:
Heated chamber:
Recommended for larger prints
Active cooling fan:
up to 100%
Print speed:
40-200 mm/s
Retraction - direct:
1-3 mm
Retraction - bowden:
4-6 mm
Retraction speed:
25-45 mm/s

Material characteristics

  • excellent resistance to external exposure and changing weather conditions
  • good thermal resistance HDT – 85°C
  • Vicat softening temperature – 94°C
  • resistance to UV radiation,
  • perfect interlayer adhesion,
  • ability to print on desktop printers without a heated chamber
  • high speed printing (up to 200mm/s)
  • glossy print surface,
  • ease of printing comparable to classic PLA


  • functional prototypes
  • tooling
  • production tools
  • end-use parts
  • custom components
Verify Your Spool

Check out our tool to verify purchased filaments.

Where to buy

Check the list of our local and online distributors.

Verify Your Spool

As the only company in Poland and one of the few in the world, we have a tool to verify purchased filaments.

Where to buy

Check the list of our local and online distributors.

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